Episcopal believes in the strong correlation between the physical well-being of students and their performance in the classroom. The Physical Education (PE) Program is designed to provide students with an enjoyable means by which to acquire new skills and healthy habits, which they can use to expand their opportunities for a lifetime of personal achievement.

Lower Schools

PE courses focus on fundamentals of movement and general knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. Lead-up games designed to maximize participation and motor skills are essential to the Lower School PE curriculum. Introduction to sports and the rules of sports are explored to get students ready for competitive sports in Middle School. Bridging the gap between sports and building relationships is one of the most important qualities of incorporating skills and activities into the lesson plans that are a part of our PE curriculum. Lower school Physical Education gives children the opportunity to expose themselves to what sports and physical activities that might interest them when transitioning into Upper School Physical Education. The skills and basic motor skills that are taught in Lower School PE are essential in their development that can be applied in PE classes and the classroom.  

Middle School

PE courses focus on a solid progression from the assessment of basic motor skills to the instruction of specific sports units whereby students learn the sport’s rules and required skills. It is not uncommon for PE students to participate in more than ten sports within a given academic year. Middle School development programs are designed to transition directly into the Upper School performance programs. Beginning in the eighth grade, students can take strength and conditioning courses designed to improve overall health and athletic performance.

Upper School

PE classes are an integral part of students’ personal development and their campus experience. Classes for all students promote active lifestyles, along with the benefits of stress relief that physical exercise brings. Classes for our student-athletes focus on training specifically to improve their athletic ability within their chosen sport(s).  Episcopal also offers coaching and sports management classes for those who are looking to gain experience in leadership or are interested in pursuing a career in sports.