The Episcopal experience means learning extends far beyond the classroom. Our graduates Seek Understanding as lifelong learners; Develop a Sense of Self earned through challenge; Live with Honor and Purpose, choosing to lead, do good, and serve others; and Pursue a Life of Faith, in a way meaningful to them while respecting the dignity of every human being. Across our Four Pillars — Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, and Spiritual Life — Episcopal students find their passions while shaping who, not what, they will become.


Seeks Understanding

- Values curiosity, collaboration, and inclusion
- Engages in the ever-evolving process of learning



Develops a Sense of Self

- Cultivates self-awareness through experience
and reflection
- Possesses confidence earned through challenge,
tempered with humility

Lives with Honor and Purpose

- Chooses to lead and do good
- Serves others as part of a larger community



Pursues a Life of Faith

- Seeks a relationship with God and others
- Respects the dignity of every human being