Beaches Campus (Pre-K 3 - Grade 5)

The Beaches Campus, located four blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, gives students endless avenues to learn, love, and lead. Through a developmentally appropriate, hands-on curriculum students are encouraged to develop inquisitive, creative minds, and a joy of learning. Art, movement, music, library, computer science, Spanish, Christian education, and Chapel provide opportunities for students to develop responsibility, self-awareness, and leadership skills. Technology is integrated into the daily curriculum to give students an optimal learning experience. Community service, after school programs, sports, and extended day all enrich life and daily learning at the Beaches Campus.

St. Mark's Campus (ELP 1 - Grade 5)

The St. Mark’s Campus is in the heart of the historic Ortega neighborhood and a short drive from both Downtown and Naval Air Station Jacksonville. The St. Mark's Campus strives to provide developmentally appropriate, creative environments and experiences that expose students to the wonders of the world around them. Teachers create a stimulating, supportive environment where students can explore, ask questions, take intellectual risks, and work collaboratively. Thoughtful use of technology strengthens lessons with research and reference by helping students learn how to find information and present their ideas in writing, in videos, and through programming. In addition to strong academics, students learn responsibility, build strong work habits, and develop cooperative social behavior. Resources and after school programs provide enriching experiences through art, music, library, computer, Spanish, Chapel, community service, and athletics.