Seeking Excellence Across the Four Pillars

Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ) provides an exceptional college-preparatory education within an academically challenging and caring environment focused on a balanced experience. Episcopal’s Portrait of a Graduate is an individual who seeks understanding, develops a sense of self, lives with honor and purpose, and pursues a life of faith. Episcopal is built on Four Pillars -- Academics, Spiritual Life, Fine Arts, and Athletics -- which encourage personal development in every aspect of the lives of our students, helping each child reach his or her unique potential.

The school's traditional liberal arts curriculum prepares students to make a difference in the world by focusing on effective communications, critical thinking, problem-solving and technical skills. The same quest for excellence that drives our academic program shapes our commitment to programs in athletics, the arts, our spiritual life and our dedication to service to others. These areas of campus life form the Four Pillars to which the school is dedicated. Through the opportunities the Four Pillars provide, students may experience not only the self-discipline and exertion of a competitive sport, but also the development and growth of their creative talents, the deepening of their faith, and a lifelong desire to serve others.