Munnerlyn Campus

Middle School (Grades 6-8) 

Students in sixth grade are clustered together for their school day. Their lockers and classrooms are separated from the older students. This allows these younger students to form closer relationships and enjoy age-appropriate bonding experiences. The close bond that ESJ students experience with each other sets us apart from other independent schools.

Students in sixth through eighth grades attend Middle School Chapel and Middle School lunch. Their classrooms are generally arranged by subject in separate buildings. Middle School students are able to interact with other students in different grades through mentorships organized by the faculty. 

On top of excellent academics, Middle Schoolers can expect to enjoy a rich and exciting educational experience. Our students love participating in our sports teams as well as artistic curricular and extracurricular opportunities including visual arts, dance, drama, pep band and chorus. Middle and Upper school students have many opportunities to participate in a vast array of clubs including service clubs, special interests, competitions, performance, and academic clubs. There are more than 100 on-campus clubs offered at our Munnerlyn Campus. 

Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Upper School's use of the Harkness method and learner-centered teaching, as well as the college counseling program, help prepare students for lives of purpose after Commencement.

Through probing classes, emphasis on integrity and civil discourse, an active community service program, and Health, Safety, and Well-Being education, the school instills in its students values and passions that focus on who, not what, they will become.

More than 80% of students participate in athletics. Fine Arts provides comprehensive instruction across multiple disciplines, including guest artist instruction, annual performances, and gallery exhibitions. Spiritual Life is woven through the fabric of every aspect at ESJ and provides leadership opportunities through weekly Chapel services, Bible studies, and community service efforts.

The College Counseling program begins in grade nine, setting students on a course in preparation for college applications with their advisor and college counselor.