Become an engaged global citizen.

Episcopal offers a diverse selection of Global Programs to our students. Our programs are both international and domestic, but all have a focus of creating growth opportunities for students and faculty groups and establishing connections with other people and cultures. Both of these strong mandatory elements, as well as other aspects implemented in each program, give all of our programs a globally-minded focus. These programs include, but are not limited to, our exchange programs with schools in Spain and France, academically based programs abroad in Israel, Italy, United Kingdom, and other European countries, and service trips, including our annual Mission Trip.  

All of our programs, regardless of destination,  have a global mindset. The goal of these programs is to immerse students in each country’s culture in order to generate an awareness and understanding of the differences and similarities to our own while connecting their day-to-day experiences with the focus of the program. Our academically focused programs have a scope and objective tied to the ESJ curriculum. Their development is faculty driven and carefully thought out, all with students in mind. Similar to our academic programs, our mission and service trips immerse students in cultures different from their own. Our commitment to develop students as servant leaders inspires our service trips to other countries.