Beaches and St. Mark’s Campuses

As students develop into independent learners, there may be a need for academic support and enrichment. On each of the Lower School campuses, there are two full-time Learning Specialists. These certified teachers work in tandem with classroom teachers in grades K-5 to provide academic support and enrichment inside the classrooms, particularly in the areas of language arts and math. The Learning Specialists also work with classroom teachers to review assessments, plan lessons, and gather materials. Instructional time in the classroom is scheduled to help differentiate and meet the needs of all students. 

Both campuses are committed to helping students meet learning goals to maximize growth and achievement. Individuals with learning differences who attend or seek to attend Episcopal will be supported with reasonable accommodations. Classroom teachers and Learning Specialists, in partnership with administration, work with parents to identify recommendations and accommodations that can be implemented in the classroom. If outside support is needed such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, or tutoring, these services may also be coordinated by teachers and administration.