Communication, whether oral, written, or visual, is at the core of the human experience. The Communications Department helps students better understand and express themselves in engaging, clear, and mindful ways through several courses offered at the Upper School and Middle School levels.

Research 8 provides students a thorough introduction to the research process, teaching them the most productive ways to find, evaluate, and properly use source materials in order to better communicate their thoughts and ideas in various forms of research papers and presentations.

Freshman Seminar assists ninth grade students in learning and practicing skills required to be successful students and responsible community members. Various skills honed in this course include (but are not limited to) those pertaining to life management, public speaking, computer science, and financial literacy.

Public Speaking provides students with the skills to communicate effectively, speak with purpose, and select audience-appropriate topics, as well as organize their ideas.

Yearbook: Yearbook educates students on the process of yearbook production, with an emphasis on journalistic writing, photography, and design.

Journalism: Newspaper educates students on newspaper-based journalism, with an emphasis on writing and photography. The student newspaper, The Talon Times, is posted online and includes podcasts and articles by the staff.

Media Production studies the art of filmmaking and digital content creation. Students learn all aspects of filmmaking, including pre-production, production, and post-production. Students utilize DSLR cameras and the computer software Adobe Premiere to create videos and content in a broad range of styles.