Middle and Upper School

On the Munnerlyn Campus, all Upper School students are expected to fulfill a requirement of 100 service hours. However, this expectation is often exceeded by the time students are seniors, and many students develop habits of volunteer service that feed their own souls as they also meet the needs of others.

Middle School students participate in an after-school volunteer program through Bible classes, where students learn to integrate their service to the community with a deeper understanding of the biblical commands to love God and love our neighbor.

Students have organized more than 20 student groups based on a variety of shared interests related to community service. Touring Day for Fine Arts, sports-team specific projects, the Ortega River Run, and Community Service Summer Camps are only a few of the opportunities available for those with a passion for servant leadership.

Celebrating Service Day

Episcopal students collectively provide more than 4,500 hours of community service on our annual Celebrating Service Day. Students pack more than 30,000 meals for Hunger Fight, learn about local non-profit organizations, work with students at the North Florida School of Special Education and residents from local nursing homes, and visit a variety of sites around Jacksonville to serve alongside their peers and faculty. Students also fill bags with food and toiletries for the homeless, make toys for pets in shelters, write letters to servicemen and servicewomen and to hospital patients, and plan and implement a variety of other service projects. This day truly embodies the spirit of our community as we work to become "doers of good."