Munnerlyn Campus


Ashley Bateh '03
Carol Lane

Louise Bignon
Phil Gibbs and Lanier Drew '76

Colleen Breault '92
Harry and Amy Burrows Perkins '92

Christa Bryant '17
Jill Stanton and Ken Purcell
Tracy and Steve Ralys

Kim Cannon '87
Dan and Dorothy Legler Fasbinder '87

Jim Carver '79
Joan Carver

John B. Cato '82
The Alexander Law Practice P.A.

Nancy DeBiase
John DeBiase

Jimbo Deming
Mary Krombach

Robert E. Dixon Jr. '74
George and Carolyn Dixon Richardson '77

John W. Donahoo Jr
Meg and Charles Commander
Heather and Lane Gardner
Wade Hampton
Meta and Hugh Magevney
Marian and Rip Poitevent
Betty and Julian Proctor
Caroline and Payton Scheppe
JuJu and John Taylor
Gail and Charley Zimmer

D'Arcy Moran Freeman '00
Matt Betancourt '00
Juan and Jenny Selzer Hinojosa '00
Stephen and Taylor Lee Horne '00
Leigh Anne and William Milne '00
Peter and Blair Kingsbury Oliver '00
Cristina and Eddy Oliver '00
Mariah and Robert Reese '00
Deena Bateh Wallace '00 and John Wallace '00

Mickey Freeman '78
Sam and Liz DeSaussure Akiky '78

Tyrone Gayle '06
Liz and Vance Berry '05
Fred David '03
Eric Holshouser '06
Paul Jorgensen '07
David Paulk '05
Cate Sadler '05
Scott and Stephanie Paulk Van Pelt '02

Clive Daly Jackson
Valeria and Bruce Jackson '79

Ileana Kalantar
David Drew '10
Matt Michel '03

Wendy Dickinson LaPrade '76
Chris and Forrest Dickinson Moore '78
Harry and Anne Bamberg Robinson '76
Gail and Charley Zimmer

W. Kirk Logan
Harry and Anne Bamberg Robinson '76

Rachel C. Lufrano
Kathleen and Andy Oldenburg

Gavin Moore '87
Susie and Mike Canon

John Nelson
Sande and Bill Doolittle

Dr. Art Peterson
Laura Hutson '91
Elizabeth Roisin '03

Edward J. Raube
Helene and Gary Lesslie

Calvin Lewis Reed
Crystal and Ershod Jasey

Dale Regan
Deesa Armstrong '95
Mimi and Jimmy Bryant
Carolyn and George Cooper
Ashley Helmick '07
Cynthia and Mike Jones
John Regan '94

Edward H. Rickard
Bill and Jennifer Charron Maxwell

Flo Sikes
Gloria Gammel Christie '76 and Brad Christie '75

Barbara W. Stephenson
Marcia Booth
Connie and Jim Kolster
Pat Mierse
Jake Rakestraw
Robert Stephenson
Kay and Mike Zambetti

Dan Stormes
Margie Stormes

Sallie Stuart
Ann and Charlie Stuart

Anne Elizabeth Suratt '93
Arlene Hegg and Richard Suddath '70

Dr. Ethan O. Todd
Perry and Allen Todd '91

Dr. Robert Baldwin Van Cleve
Claudette and Dick Barker
Sue and John DeVault
Phil Gibbs and Lanier Drew '76
Wade Hampton
Lauren Dupree Mahoney '76
Sally and Kenneth Norrie
Marian and Rip Poitevent
Kathy and Duke Scott
Penny and Walter Ware
Sherrie and Warner Webb
Cornelia and Donald Williamson

Peggy Walker
Marcia Booth

Mr. J. L. Whitman
Deborah Roberts-Berry and Dave Berry

Betsy Wood '75
Duffy and Chris Carlson '75

Beaches Campus


Keith Dexter Nash
Rose Cirillo

Allison Robbins
Claudia L'engle

St. Marks Campus

We gratefully acknowledge those who gave to the St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Endowment Fund during the 2019 - 2020 fiscal year. Memorial gifts, unless otherwise designated, are placed in the General Endowment Fund.

Oleta L. Dimmick Scholarship Fund
Susan Kwartler
Nancy Melcolm

General Endowment Fund

In Memory of Ronald T. Buckingham
Ann and George Gibbs

In Memory of William T. S. Montgomery, Jr.
David Baker
Eleanor and Kendall Bryan
Carole and Nick Mehrtens
Robin New
Nancy Studstill

Designated Gifts
The following donors made gifts to St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School restricted for specific purposes:

 Frances and Alex Graham