The Mary Packer Cummings Society honors individuals who have provided for the school through deferred gifts such as bequests, life insurance, annuities, and trust agreements.

The society is named in honor of Mrs. Cummings, who left the property where Episcopal now stands to St. John’s Cathedral upon her death in 1912.

Planned gifts may be directed by the donor to provide unrestricted income or to be used for designated purposes such as endowment, capital improvements or program areas.

Support - Planned Giving - Mary PC
Anonymous (4)
Bobbie Anding '70
Pat Andrews and Fred Lambrou Jr.
Sister and Bill Avent ††
Angela Bailey '73
Patti Eckert Bauernfeind '84
Margaret Berg †
Barbara Bozard
Fred Bozard †
Emmy and Frank Cerveny
Vicky and Charles Commander
Scott and Heather Halliburton Douglas '94
John Falconetti '85
Chris Farrell '84
Holly and Tim Finchem
Connie and Paul Fletcher
Margaret and Dink Foerster
Allison and Allen Ginder '85
M.J. and Ron Ginder
Thelma Golightly †
Joan and Preston Haskell
Bruce Hayden '70
Vickie and Bert Herlong ††
Cara and David Hodges '90
Mark Hulsey †
John Michael Kelly †
Missy and Will Ketchum '84
Jean and Ross Krueger
Allen and Delores Lastinger
Harriet and Ebbie LeMaster †
Jane and Mike Lewis
Noel and Rut Liles
Frances McCurry
Fred Melber †
Bobbie and Lee Mercier
Bette Len and Jack Mitchell
Nancy and Sandy Morris
Jane and Wilson Munnerlyn ††
Bill and Frances Nash †
Joannie Newton
Mary and Jerry Pietan †
Anne and Mason Romaine †
John Rood
Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Royal ††
Tim Royal '78 †
Flo Sikes †
Barbara and Dick Suddath †
Susan and Jim Towler
Bill Valentine
Beppy Walton '71 †
Elizabeth and Bill Walton ††
Jim Winston †
Amy and Kirk Zambetti '86
Kay and Mike Zambetti