Plaque Honoring Sally Deming Installed in Theatre

In 2019 hundreds of beloved Sally Deming’s former students and their parents contributed to The Sunshine Project, an effort to upgrade sound and lighting in the Munnerlyn Center Theatre and to dedicate it in Sally’s honor. COVID delayed the installation of the donor wall which represents the generosity of the donors and their love for Sally. The display was installed this week and is a beautiful addition to Deming Theatre. Thank you to all Sunshine Project donors!

Kimberly and Mike Abney ’82
Lisa and Walker Allen ’85
Karsten and Claudia Saenz Amlie ’87
Kerry Anderson ’93
Ann and Graham Arceneaux
Mark and Laura Bucher Babcock ’90
The Bajalia Family
Russell and Mary Burke Baker ’93
Hayes and Norma Basford
Greg and Catherine Van Cleve Bauman ’77
Lauren Baxter
Katie Lebhar Black-Bowling ’95
Christy and Bill Blake
Nancy and Kevin Bodge
Sunny and Gordon Bond ’02
The Bond Family – Bill and Sandy, Frank ’86, Gareth ’88
Keaton Boyd ’15
Jayne Evans and Anthony Brescia
The Brown Family – Denise and Brad, Carl ’09, Claire ’14, Haley ’14, Nicholas ’14
Jennifer and Henry Brown
Brooks Busey ’95 and Jennie Trimble Busey ’97
Ashley and Mark Busse ’87
Susie and Mike Canon
Sharon and Kevin Carney
Charla and Billy Cerveny ’87
Renee and Bob Cheanvechai
Sophrona and Wade Chinoy ’88
Kelli and Charles Chunn ’98
Deborah Greene and Steven Combs
Lili and Jon Corbin
Margy and Dean Coscia
Jackie and Pat Crandall
Polly Crawford ’89
Raegan and Davey Cury ’73
Erica and Justin D’Arienzo
Dr. Clare Dalton Dover ’02, Mr. William Dalton ’04, Dr. Stewart Dalton ’10, and Mrs. Suzanne Dalton
Peter and Jill Langford Dame ’74
Annette and Pete Davis ’89
Leslie Dawson
Doug Daze ’72 and Julia Sonntag Daze ’72
Dorian Dawson DeVries ’90
Patty and John Donahoo †
Hazel and Tom Donahoo
Jennifer and Tommy Donahoo ’84
Cathleen and Kurt Dunkle
James and Catherine Hayden Dyer ’01
Robin and David Edwards
Amanda Eppolito ’02
Natalie Eppolito ’91
David Ertrachter
Jana Ertrachter
Suzanne Friedline Ferber ’87
Tiffany and Doug Ferguson
Kris Fletcher
Margaret and Dink Foerster
Marie and John Forbes
Katie Graham Forde ’97
Victoria Register-Freeman and Robert Freeman
Karen Gallagher
Ryan Gallagher ’06
Erich and Sam Hyde Geisler ’00
Holland and Charles Gibbs ’87
Becky and Steve Goldwasser
The Graham Family – Diane, Katie ’97, Alex ’00, Hampton ’04
Kelley and Doug Green
Jonathan Green ’07
Kathy Gunter
Homa and John Guy
Helen Rowan and Paul Halloran
Susan and Craig Hamilton ’73
Alex Hamilton ’14
Joel Harms ’88
The Harwood Family – Jim ’85, Janine ’85, Tyler ’08, Matthew ’12
Mary Hayden
Madge and Mel Hazen
Bonnie and Barry Henry
Debbie and Gary Higgins
Juan and Jenny Selzer Hinojosa ’00
Deanna and Greg Holland
Randolph and Francoise Hartley Horn ’85
Stephen and Taylor Lee Horne ’00
Kathleen and John Horton
Kendall and Alison Graham-Smith Hunt ’97
Megan Elsila and Tom Hunt
Mark and Frances Poitevent Hutto ’88
The Hyde Family – Marilyn and Robin, Martha Hays ’93, Hunter ’96, Sam ’00
Jim and Beth Slaughter Jameson ’86
Topher and Heather Newman Johnson ’90
Jared Johnson ’00
Parker Joyce ’18
Dorothy and Gil Kerr
Missy and Will Ketchum ’84
Katie and Andy Kidd ’99
Lyn and Dave Klaitz
Jay Klaitz ’97
Sandra and Raymond Klein ’89
Thomas and Ames Spence Kohn ’83
Lorena and John Koski ’85
Tom and Kathryn Durkee Kovarik ’91
Paige and Mark LaBorde ’84
Jane Labossier
Julie and Peter Larsen
Patricia and William Lee
Daphne and Mike Lewis
Diane and Dan Libera
Cheryl Link
Kelly Mannel and Ron Mackoul ’83, Katie Mackoul ’13, Jonathan Mackoul ’16
Laura and Michael Magevney ’87
Brett and Julie Grace Martin ’87
John and Elizabeth Chunn Matson ’93
Stewart Mayer ’93
Jennifer and Michael Mayo
Ingrid and Pete McCawley
Pamela Neish and Barry McCook
Kathy and Dave Miller
James Miller ’06
Leigh Anne and William Milne ’00
Adam and Shauna Forsyth Moore ’97
Kate Moorehead
Jim Moseley ’80 and Heather Rainey Moseley ’88
Chris Moulder ’84
Katie Neel ’05
Peggy and Dade Nigro
Sheryl and Chris Noll ’89
Laura and Eric Nord
Elissa and Tim Orr
Lisa and Pete Osgard
The Overton Family – Connie and Jim, William ’08, Sarah ’03
Annie and Curry Pajcic ’87
Aimee and Jason Parker
Denise Warner and Charlie Phillips
Laura Jane and Buck Pittman
Geoffrey and Sarah Reid Vinyard Place ’10
Rob Podvia ’86 and Kristan David Podvia ’88
Marian and Rip Poitevent
Lynne Radcliffe
Casey and Shelby Westerman Ratchford ’97
Melissa ’98, Robert ’00, Veronica ’01 and Donald ’03 Reott
Missy Ponder-Reston and Doug Reston
Susan Taber Rissolo ’84
TJ and Kacey Lewis Roache ’00
Lori Sackman
Meg and Jon Sacks
Melissa and Edward Salek
Joy and Clyde Schultz
Susan and Doug Schuster
Taylor Schuster ’14
Mary Louise and Jim Selzer
Nancy and Rex Setzer ’87
Jhan and Steve Shaaber
Steven Short ’88
Ted Short ’90
Carol and Kem Siddons
Silvana and Jeff Silvernale
Pat and John Slevin
Art Small ’93
Kaylee Snider
Brian and Samantha Schwinger Snyder ’91
Dinah Stephens ’16
Jack Stephens ’14
Mimi and Mike Stephens
Phoebe Stephens ’13
Margie Stevens
Melanie and Jonathan Stimler ’98
Greg Stites ’82
Matt and Tess Ferguson Sturgeon ’08
Ben Takacs ’17
Suzanne and Bob Taylor and the family of Gavin Moore ’87 †
Michael and Clark Mims Tedesco ’97
The Ralph N. and Anina M. Walter Charitable Trust
Brad and Dearing Setzer Thoburn ’88
Tony and Dawn Johnson Thompson ’99
Mary Jane and James Trimble
Jennifer Tucker ’99
Kathy and Bo Tucker
Diana and Chris Twiggs ’89
Kim and Claudio Vincenty
Thomas Vinyard ’13
Sharon and Herschel Vinyard
Robin and Tom Virtue
Julie and Ken Vontz ’82
The Walker Family – Pam and Doug, Tory ’10, Collin ’15
Scott and Jennifer Moore Walker ’90
Dianne and Mike Waters ’80
Liz Morse Weaver ’03
John and Megan Brennan Wedl ’88
Chris West and Family
Colleen and Scott Westerman
Tommy White ’84
John Wikstrom ’09 and Ashton Vincenty Wikstrom ’08
Savannah Wilkerson ’14
Jennifer and Lance Windley
The Witkovich Family
Rebecca and Ed Witt
Cynthia Beaulieu and Virgil Wittmer
The Wodrich Family – Lizz and Mike, Rob ’07
Paige and Skip Yauger
Amy and Kirk Zambetti ’86
Mike Zambetti ’80
Anne-Charles Zimmer ’20
Gail and Charley Zimmer
Langdon and Tom Zimmer