Faculty Participate in Summer Professional Development OpportunitiesĀ 

Episcopal Munnerlyn Campus faculty are taking advantage of the extra time they have this summer to participate inĀ professional development opportunities.

Dawn Morrow, Director of Dance, and Taylor Lee Horne ’00, Director of Upper School Theatre, were accepted into The Julliard School for online classes.

Cathy Kanaday, English Department Chair, will be attending an AP workshop on teaching AP English Literature & Composition;Ā Nancy Prendergast is taking an AP Latin course; and seventeen teachers will be participating in a diversity trainingĀ led by Rosetta Lee at Riverside Presbyterian Day School.

Math Department teachers will be participating in a Bureau of Education and Research online session on helping students who fall behind in math skills.

History teacherĀ Jackie Jenkins will be participating in an online workshop titled “Tulsa Race Riots,” presented by the University of Missouri; and Keelen Henson is participating in Stanford University’s History Education Group training.

In addition, multiple faculty are reading AP exams for their respective fields, including Lew Ritter for AP Physics; Dave Wandel for AP Environmental Science; Emily Edmonson for AP American Government; and Lara Duguid for AP European History. Finally, Amy Perkins ’92, Director of Student Services, is headed to the SAIS Summer Conference in Asheville, NC.