Speech & Language (ST) and Occupational (OT) screenings

Dear Parents,

OT, speech & language (ST) screenings will be available on Monday, October 16, 2023 on the Beaches campus. Screenings are available for children Pre-K through first grade. Screenings will be provided by licensed therapists and will involve a brief assessment intended to identify a need for a full evaluation. You are encouraged to register your child for a screening if they are experiencing difficulties with:

Speech & Language Skills

  • Speech: sound production, intelligiblity
  • Language: receptive (understanding), expressive (usage), social (engagement)

Occupational Screening

  • Fine motor skills: grasp, pattern, cutting, coloring
  • Writing: letters/number formation
  • Self-help skills: eating, dressing, shoe tying
  • Ability to focus/remain seated for structured activities
  • Sensory processing (auditory, visual, tactile, vestibular)

If you want your child to participate, please sign the permission slip provided in your students Thursday folder and return to school by October 9, 2023. Please contact Coastal directly at (904) 372-4070 if you have any questions.