Munnerlyn Campus Celebrates World Languages Week

he World Languages Department is celebrating World Languages Week on the Munnerlyn Campus. The department is honoring the languages and cultures studied at ESJ through traditional decorations, music, dance, dress, and cuisine. Language students studying Chinese, Spanish, Latin, and French are sharing project displays in classrooms and in the Buck Center.

Chinese language students dressed up on Monday and celebrated with traditional food. The Spanish Club had authentic food, music and dance on Tuesday. Decorations in the Buck included an altar display used in Mexico to honor a family member’s loved one who has passed away celebrated on the Day of the Dead (November 2). French students will wear authentic dress and make authentic food as well.

Latin students are sharing projects that highlight some aspect of ancient Greek or Roman culture, including games, a model of the Colosseum, a model of Mt. Vesuvius, Styrofoam replicas of a Roman soldier’s helmet and sword, and even a board game. Bulletin boards and windows outside the Latin classrooms display sayings, wisdom or mottos from the ancient world, including carpe diem, ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power), mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body), faber est suae quisque fortunae (each person is the craftsman of their fortune), nosce temet (know thyself).

“Sharing these cultural events are enriching for our community. They demonstrate how the study of a foreign language teaches and encourages our students to expand their global perspective; to make them aware of other cultures and traditions and lead them to appreciate and respect cultural diversity,” said Josephine Sanchez, World Languages Department Chair.