Music Program Expands on All Three Campuses

With the addition of several new faculty and programs for the 2021-2022 school year, Episcopal’s music program is expanding across all three campuses. Tuesday and Thursday Morning Music at the Lower School campuses is now available to elementary students as part of the fine arts curriculum. On the Beaches Campus, in addition to regular music classes, students in fourth and fifth grades can participate in band, featuring brass, wind, and percussion instruments. Band is led by Cameron Strine – Lower School Music Instructor and Band Program Director. Cameron is also the brass specialist on the Munnerlyn Campus. At the St. Mark’s Campus, in addition to regular music classes at all grade levels, morning violin group instruction is available as part of the Morning Music program with new violin specialist Corina Donica. At the Munnerlyn Campus, the Middle School music program is growing with the addition of a Middle School instrumental music teacher and woodwind specialist, Alex Hernandez. In addition, Anthony Felton, choral instructor and collaborative pianist, will instruct Middle School chorale classes as the program grows. Clement Petit remains with the department as a low brass specialist. Instructors Carolyn Tuttle ’03, Director of Choral Music, Greg Hersey, Director of Instrumental Music, and Susanne Dailey, St. Marks Campus, continue with the program.

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