Students Going Gaga over GaGa Ball

Second – fifth grade students are going gaga over GaGa Ball! New to the PE program this year on St. Mark’s Campus, GaGa is a fast paced sport played in an octagonal pit. The game is played with a soft foam ball and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball safely below the knees. GaGa Ball increases students’ agility, provides a great cardiovascular workout, and is an overall LOT of fun for all!

In addition to physical health benefits, GaGa Ball promotes positive self-esteem due to its inclusive nature and non-reliance on athletic ability. Players rotate in and out quickly, giving everyone an opportunity to play.

“I love Gaga Ball,” said second grade student Ginny G. “You really have to pay attention and move quick to make sure the ball doesn’t get you out. Only nine people can play at a time, so the longer you don’t get hit, the longer you can stay in the pit.”