AVFA Student Art Series

An important element of A Vision for Art, the Student Art Series, connects the St. Mark’s Campus early learning through sixth grade students with some of the A Vision for Art artists. In March, 2020, each grade level had the opportunity to work alongside an artist to produce a unique piece of artwork. The artists began their sessions with the classes by introducing the process, inspiration, and techniques for the creation, and then guided each student for their contribution to the piece.

The resulting masterpieces were part of the Student Art Series silent auction May 15 - 18. We are thrilled to announce that the silent auction raised $7,565!

Caleb Mahoney - Early Learning Program 1
Ginifer Brinkley - Early Learning Program 2
Missy Pedrick - Pre-Kindergarten 3
Chloe Wood - Pre-Kindergarten 4
Margaret Curnow - Kindergarten
Ashley Woodson Bailey - 1st Grade
Rebecca Hoadley - 2nd Grade
Vanessa Withun - 3rd Grade
Lynn McClow - 4th Grade
Aysha Miskin - 5th Grade
Mark George - 6th Grade

AVFA Student Art Series
AVFA Student Art Series_2