Barbara Arnold
Sheryl and Jay Brantley
Nancy and John Burrows
Florence and Tom Calhoun
Kelsey and Robert Calhoun
Ed Costello
Lanny and Bob Dickson
Hazel and Tom Donahoo
Colleen O’Reilly and James Fellows
Ann and George Gibbs
Denise and Scott Hudmon
Gary Keene
Katie and Andy Kidd ‘99
Saundra and Bob Kidd
Marilynn and Donald Kohla
Barbara McCullen
Stephanie and Matt McCullough
Brenda and Jim Messink
Luanne and John Milward
Perrin and Tom Murray
Dani and Andy Nichols
Peggy and Dade Nigro
Esther and Bruce Payne
Mistee and Jason Richards
Jane and Mark Riechmann
Nicky and Lindsay Runnels
Jessica and Jason Ryals
Jane and Mike Ryals
Ann and Frank Scheu
Jennie and Mike Shad
Heather and Frank Surface
Ed and Cris Scott Tennant ‘82
The McArthur Family Foundation
Lori and Mike Trobaugh
Dame Family - web

Dame Family - Featured Long Time Donors

Jill Langford Dame '74 and Peter Dame have been an integral part of the Episcopal School of Jacksonville and St. Mark’s communities for over fifty years. Jill is an Episcopal Graduate (‘74) and they are the parents of twin girls, Brooks ’12 and Darby ’12 who began their school career in the three-year-old program on the St. Mark’s campus. During Brooks’ and Darby’s high school years at Episcopal their sports included crew, cross-country, soccer and track. From 1987-1992 Jill was a fourth-grade teacher at St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School. She served on the school’s Board of Trustees from 2002-2006.  She served on the Episcopal Board of Trustees from 2009-2017. Jill has been active in the Jacksonville community including serving as President of the Junior League of Jacksonville, PACE Center for Girls Jacksonville, Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida, and Girls on the Run. She is currently the CEO of Leadership Jacksonville.  Peter has practiced law for 39 years and is chair of the Public Finance Group at Akerman LLP. 

Annie and Josh Bryan ‘03
Shannon and Mark Chaffin
Barham and Mary Lanier Cook ‘94
Peter and Jill Langford Dame ‘74
Brooks Gallagher
Margie and Chuck Griffith
Mary and Frank Hamilton
Cathy and Robert Hardage
Susan Kwartler
Diane and Dan Libera
Ellen and John Magevney ‘89
Sue Ann and Marvin McKinney
Rayni and Jason Moret
Gayle and Sam Ogletree
Sharon and Robert Stevens
Barbara Stevenson
Lori and Don Paul Swain
Amanda and James Trimble
Kovacocy family

The Kovacocy Family

Karie and Joe Kovacocy were the 2019-2020 Lion's Pride Chairs and members of the Winged Lion Society.

Allison Bast Photograph

Allie Bast '16 - Featured Alumni Donor

Allison “Allie” Bast graduated from the St. Mark’s Campus in 2010 and from Episcopal School of Jacksonville in 2016, Cum Laude. During her years on the Munnerlyn Campus, she played soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Allie’s college years at the University of Florida were filled with excitement and amazing adventures, and at the same time she remained on the Dean’s list! She won an essay contest and was chosen to receive a Study Abroad Scholarship to Valencia, Spain. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Administration. Moving back to Jacksonville, Allie enrolled in the University of North Florida’s Masters of International Business (MIB) program where she graduated in August 2020. Allie is currently working at Equitable Advisors as a Financial Professional.

Brandi and Magnus Akerstrom
Bebe and Ted Alexander
Beville and Greg Anderson
Jackie and Andre Anderson
Jenny and Douglas Anderton
Katie McArthur Athey ’00 and Whit Athey ‘94
Stephanie and Archie Baker
Ted Baker
Mary and Hampton Barnes
Allie Bast ‘16
Will Bast
Kate and Andy Bates
Marcela and Russell Beard ‘96
Michele Bell-Badger
Cary and Doug Benefield
Mackenzie and OB Bera
Caroline and Luke Berson
Linda Bodenhamer
Lucy Bolt
Chrissy and William Boozer
Mary and George Bowles
Leslie and Barry Bransford
Patty and Wally Bransford
Gail and John Brent
Catherine Buckingham
Linda and Barry Burton
Jennie Trimble Busey ‘97 and Brooks Busey ‘95
Theresa Carney
Sarah Chitwood
Jessika and Michael Connor
Greg and Maggie Fish Craddock ‘87
Christa and Josh Crapps
Susanne and Darren Dailey
Beverly and Glenn Davis
Jennifer and Rob Dickson
Dani Diem
Anne Draper
Laura and Mark Fackler
Shannon Miller Falconetti and John Falconetti ‘85
Lauren and Jay Fant ‘86
Brittany and Nick Fedewa
Sue and Ted Fligor
Margo and Jack Fraleigh
Claire and Albert Franson
Gretell and Cesar Garces
Martin Garcia, Jr.
Greg Gray
Lee and Henry Griffin
Tedi and Frank Hamilton
Brandon and Caroline Foerster Hammond ‘94
Drew and Lee Haramis
Annabelle Hudmon
Wendy Hulsey
Emily and John Huth
Lynelle and Kirk Johnson
Linda and Timothy Kelly
Stephanie and Joe Kohla
Bonnie and Hagan Kohler
Caroline Whitehead and Brian Korn
Mary Laseter
Diane Ludwig
Amy and David Lupo
Jennifer Lyles
Trisha and Davis MacRae
Lauren Mahoney ‘76
Caroline Mann
Betty Ann and Barnum McCarty
Cathy and Joe McQuade
Nancy Melcolm
Jessica and Jeremy Michaud
Dina and Jeff Middlekauff
Carlton Middlekauff
Nicolette and Mark Momberg
Doneth and Damon Morgan
Jasminka and Ezudin Mujanic
Tony Nasrallah
Chris and Katherine Donahoo Nott ‘90
Liz and Joe Parks
Claire Pulignano ‘05
Beth and Nick Pulignano
Judy Rachels
Bill Rachels
Michelle and Kenny Ray
Kelly and Craig Risdon
Trina Sinyard
Leslie and Steve Sirbaugh
Hamilton Slye ‘91
Mary Kathryn Smith
Kathy and Fred Stephens
Bridgett and Chip Stroud
Geretha Terrell
Edina Tica
Holly and Michael Upchurch
Steve Williams