ESJ established its partnership with Colegio Inglés in Zaragoza, Spain, more than ten years ago. This exchange provides students with a cultural immersion experience while also bettering their Spanish language skills. Students from Colegio Inglés and ESJ are partnered for a two-week cultural and language exchange experience that occurs biennially. Spanish students will visit Jacksonville in the spring of 2023; ESJ students will visit Zaragoza, in the north east of Spain, where they are hosted by the family of a Colegio Inglés student in the summer of 2024. Students also will spend time exploring Spain and its many important cultural sites. The past itinerary in Zaragoza and Barcelona has included: The Monasterio de Piedra, El Albarracín, The Basilica of our Lady Pilar, La Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, Museum of Catalan History and much more.