At Episcopal, a learner-centered approach to teaching is a priority in the classroom. This approach to learning is intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, and cultural backgrounds of our students. Since every student is different, it is important that the school provides many different opportunities for learning through athletics, the arts, religious faith and service, and most importantly, academics.  

At the Lower School levels there is an emphasis on independent study skills, a mastery of basic concepts, enrichment, and character development as they prepare for a lifetime of learning. Students learn to think critically, allowing them to solve problems in a group setting, tackle academic challenges, and become joyful learners. Our well-rounded, vertically integrated curriculum allows students to reach their potential, develop talents and passions, explore their faith, and build character through Fruit of the Spirit concepts incorporated into daily lessons.

At the Middle and Upper School levels, students are encouraged to select appropriate and challenging coursework. Episcopal offers 23 Advanced Placement classes as well as Honors Courses. The Harkness Method in humanities courses,  Node desks in language classes, and the Modeling method in science classes are all methods of learner-centered teaching that Episcopal’s faculty at the Upper and Middle School levels incorporate into their classrooms for an exceptional instructional experience for students.