"Welcome to Episcopal!" is a refrain you will hear often on campus, until you yourself are able to extend the very same greeting to newcomers. At Episcopal, all are treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. Each person -- faculty, staff, coach, or student -- has the right to participate fully in the life of the school. We speak often of the "Episcopal family," and you will quickly come to understand the caring relationships that help create this loving and supportive community.

Faculty, staff, and administrators are enthusiastic advisors, coaches, and club sponsors. They are cheerleaders and mentors for students facing challenges and provide a caring support system that ensures personal attention whenever needed. Ultimately, Episcopal is committed to molding students into knowledgeable, responsible, inquiring adults who will go on to achieve success in all areas of life, and the family environment on campus ensures this.

Senior year, students are welcomed by the Alumni Association. They learn about the strength of a network 4,500 strong throughout the world. This unique community - a group of people who share the memories of their special time on campus - remains committed to the school and its students years after graduation.  Each year hundreds of alumni return to campus for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend. A Young Alumni group, Alumnae group, and active Alumni Board all work to further strengthen ties with alumni locally and across the country. Career-established alumni provide internships for college-age alumni, social events allow for relationship building and networking opportunities, and the Alumni Association works to connect alumni by career field through various events and online forums such as LinkedIn. Students are on campus for a short time but remain alumni -- and family -- for a lifetime.