Updates to Preparation for PSAT (Grades 8 – 11)

Planning continues for the required CollegeBoard digital administration of the PSAT. All 8th-grade students will test on Monday, October 9 and therefore will not have school on Wednesday, October 11. All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will test on Wednesday, October 11. 

During the course of our preparation, we learned that the “Bluebook” testing software used by CollegeBoard is incompatible with Chromebooks. As a result, students who we’ve identified through our student device survey as Chromebook users will be assigned a school-owned device for on-campus use on their testing day. Chromebooks continue to be excellent options for all other school-related needs.

To help your student develop comfort with the “Bluebook” software, here are some suggested steps you can take at home:

  1. Log in to Bluebook using your student’s CollegeBoard account and password.
  2. If they haven’t yet created a CollegeBoard account, we suggest using their ESJ email account logon and password. Since the school doesn’t have access to CollegeBoard accounts, it is important for students and families to keep a record of this information.
  3. Once logged in, your student will have access to a variety of practice options to help them become more comfortable with the “Bluebook” software and testing technology.
  4. While there is a 2-hour practice PSAT available, taking this practice test is not required for any student. Our goal is for students to successfully log in and become familiar with the digital format.
  5. If your child uses a Chromebook, practice opportunities will be communicated in the Deans Details. If you have access to another device at home, you may follow this How to Download Bluebook Guide to download on that device and practice at home as noted above. 

As CollegeBoard communicates more information for the digital administration of these tests, we will be sure to keep students and families informed.