Students Inducted National Honor Society

Selected seniors and juniors were inducted into Episcopal’s Aerie Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) Monday in a special ceremony in the Munnerlyn Center. NHS recognizes students for their accomplishments and challenges participants to develop further through involvement in school activities and community service. NHS accepts students who have demonstrated excellence in the following areas: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Faculty advisors are Candy Edwards, Katie Ellis, and Natalie Pettey.

2022 Inductees


 Emily Carolyn Bass

Aidan McMichael Chupp

Brennan Edward Doherty

John Fernandez

Anne Catherine Grimes

Nadya Bolena Hicks

Claire Marie Huang

Courtney Belle Laird

Colin Adetayo Largen

Emily Rose Leeper

James Maddox Moorehead

Gretchen Elise Morgan

Shelby Noelle Morgan

Ella Woodward Parker

Collin Peter Poe

Phillip Charles Powell

Evelyn Olivia Ritch

Margaret Cameron Ritter

Mia McKenzie Vanjaria

Marina Teresa Wadei

Nicholas Raja Wells

Bryce Davidson Dial Wilson

Jonathan Ramsay Wingard



Kathryn Noel Almond                                                                     Sofia Hanan Elaty

Nia Elise Atcherson                                                                         Ella Lauren Frantz

Abigail Reagan Baker                                                                     Katherine Drew Frick

Annalise Mae Bankston                                                                 William Miller Gabriel

Sarah Marie Barringer                                                                    Camden Nathaniel Goldknopf

Hannah Grace Bittner                                                                     Layla Cruzen Guy

Benjamin Ellis Blatt                                                                        Connor Ian Hess

Henry deSaussure Bryan                                                               Charles Dutcher Hines

Lindsey Neal Chappell                                                                   William Edvard Holland

Lilly Rain Charles                                                                            Charlie Frederick George Irving

Anna Claire Conners                                                                      Mary Kate Jarvis

Anessa Johnson Coomes                                                              Grace Michellee Jones

Skylar Layne Dancel                                                                       Rohan Kevin Jones

Garrett James Davidsen                                                                Peter Trammell Kotchen

Sofia Helena Davila                                                                        John Gael Malone

Victoria Liliana De Jorio-Koegler                                                Declan Carroll McCarthy

Elle Alissa Morrow

Cole Robert Pennington

Halle Claire Peterson

Erica Suzanne Prockow

Grace Maureen Putterman

Philip Sanford Rachels

Lauren Elliott Roberts

Andrea Jordan Rosen

William Robert Rosenberg

Charlotte Alice Seay

Andrew Ryan Snyder

Gabrielle Grace Sullivan

Audrey Ann Swingle

Halle Marie Taylor

Frances Dearing Thoburn

Myla The’el Turner

Ava Millie Witt

Chance Wyatt Wolff

William Jonathan Wright

Madeline Rose Young