Faculty Professional Development Provides Tools for Reading Comprehension

St. Mark’s Campus Learning Specialists Stephanie Kohla and Bridgett Stroud are currently undergoing a 30-hour in-person course, called “Morphology Plus”, presented by the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE). Based on the latest research in the Science of Reading, IMSE incorporates the Orton-Gillingham methodology and all five pillars of literacy plus language comprehension, spelling, and writing. Orton-Gillingham breaks reading and spelling down into smaller skills involving letters and sounds, and builds on these skills over time. Kindergarten – third grade instructors are trained in Orton-Gillingham methodology as part of Episcopal’s Reading and Writing program.

Building on the foundational Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham program, Stephanie and Bridgett’s participation in Morphology Plus will enable them to focus on vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension topics.