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Science Fair Awards

Honors Research students’ science fair projects were completed in two categories, physical and biological sciences. Students exhibited their projects last week and judging was completed Thursday. Awards included two first place winners Daniel Delong (An Acceleration and Gyroscopic Approach for UL Prosthetics: A Novel Control System and Hand Design) and Tom Commander (Analyzing the CD44-targeting capabilities of chitosan-coated iron oxide nanoparticles in GBM). Projects included everything from lead removal from water, melatonin on chicken embryos, and modifications to rocket fuel, to controlled plasma.

Additional Awards

Second place: Sean Ramsey, Claire Huang, and Ryan Napoleon

Third Places: Avery Blalock, Matthew Schinsing, and William Rosenberg

Honorable mentions: Chris-John Griffith, Matt Salek, Alex Ravis, and Jace Bankston