Classes Without Quizzes and Book Fair Opening Night Bring Hundreds to Campus

On Thursday, October 21, faculty, staff, and teachers welcomed over 300 parents, grandparents, and students to campus for Classes Without Quizzes Family Open House and the Book Fair Opening Night.

Classes Without Quizzes was an interactive event that provided parents and grandparents the opportunity to visit three different classes their child(ren) participate in during the school day. With homeroom, Spanish, dance, music, art, innovation lab, library, Christian education, and science included in the evening, parents finally got the answer to the question, “What did you do at school today?”  Students loved sharing their days with loved ones!  Following classes, families were treated to a pizza dinner.

The Book Fair opening night also took place following classes. Awbree O’Quinn, Chair, Carol McArthur, Co-Chair, and many other volunteers did an excellent job setting up, running cash registers, and much more! The families enjoyed every minute of browsing and shopping. Proceeds from this event will benefit the St. Mark’s Campus Parents’ Association. 

For the next Classes Without Quizzes event in January, students and families will have the opportunity to “fly up” to the next grade to experience what the 2022-2023 school year has in store.