The Importance of On-Campus Learning

Interrupted studies

The COVID-19 pandemic did not spare any states. Here in Florida cases topped 2 million by early June, and more than 35,000 had sadly succumbed to the virus. However, the effects of the pandemic were not just regulated to illnesses and deaths. For millions of students and teachers, learning – and employment – were severely impacted. As schools closed in March 2020 and remote learning began, students faltered, parents had to choose between work and helping their children with their education, and many suffered as a result. There was, however, a private school in Jacksonville, FL that remained open – ESJ.


ESJ, or Episcopal School of Jacksonville, accommodates Pre K – grade 12 students across four campuses. As a private school in Jacksonville, FL with smaller class sizes, robust resources, and the agility to make decisions and improve safety quickly, ESJ was able to continue operations to the benefit of students, teachers, and parents as safely as possible.


What is the importance of on-campus learning?

Students fortunate enough to attend classes in person when other schools closed experienced:

  • Less interruption of schedules and routines, which retained a degree of normalcy in what quickly became a chaotic pandemic situation.
  • Safety measures such as masks, distancing, cohorts, and other precautions can quickly be implemented in a private school in Jacksonville, FL
  • Connection to peer groups, sports, activities, and friends – which again proved important for mental wellbeing during the pandemic.
  • Hands-on learning led by trained educators using an established, approved curriculum.


During the pandemic, many parents found their already precarious work/life balance destroyed as they had to juggle working from home with getting children up and engaged in online school. Parents became their children’s instructors without the knowledge and resources of teachers, and quickly learned why years of training are required for educators. Those with children in a private school in Jacksonville, FL like ESJ, that remained open, had one less stress to deal with. Their children got up, went to school, and came home; their parents did not have to share their laptop while working from home, try to find both home office and homeschool space, or have to Google how to do quadratic equations.


Take another look at private education

Parents took a second look at the benefits of a private school in Jacksonville, FL during the pandemic, and ESJ is just one of the private schools that grew during this time. Both parents and students came to realize the many benefits of uninterrupted learning, and chose private education for this along with the many other benefits of smaller class sizes, secure campuses, access to faith-based education, outstanding sports and music programs, and much more.


Are you a parent looking for a better way for your child to learn? A private school in Jacksonville, FL, like ESJ, offers many benefits during, and after, the pandemic.