The Benefits of Private Middle Schools

Parents have a choice between public and private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL. If you are comparing the two and looking to make a decision for your child, here are some things to consider.


Private schools typically offers smaller classes

The benefit of smaller class sizes is more individual attention and fewer distractions for both teachers and students. In fact, many private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL list small class sizes as one of their main benefits. Smaller sizes mean less noise, less division of resources – and therefore, more opportunities for your child to learn and grow.


Concentration of peer groups

One of the best things about middle school, be it public or private, is the opportunity to meet people and learn from them. Private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL that concentrate age groups together on campus mean your child has greater access to meet new friends in their age range. Let’s face it, when you are in middle school, you are entering adolescence, a time known to be difficult, confusing, and emotional. Youth can be more likely to draw back from their parents and seek the comfort and counsel of friends so it’s important to have a core group they can count on.


Special Interest Groups

Many private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL appeal specifically to special interest groups. This could be a Christian or other faith-based community, a sports team, acting club, drama club, etc. Again, during those important formative years, having access to peers with similar backgrounds and values is very important. Being able to share interests, such as Bible discussions, basketball tournaments, or acting on stage together, forms lasting bonds for life and uplifting friendships.


Choose a private middle school in Jacksonville, FL

Your pre-teen/early teen’s life will be shaped, in part, by their middle school experience. Being among like-minded peers on a smaller campus with small class sizes, feeling safe and secure, and having access to a wider range of quality resources can really change the course of your child’s life. There are many wonderful schools in Florida, but we hope you also consider the many benefits of private middle schools in Jacksonville, FL.


Here at Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ), our middle school campus is designed to give your child the tools they need for life. Learn more about our middle school on the Munnerlyn Campus.