Why Private School? A Look at the Potential Benefits

As parents, we want the best for our children. We know the right education can set them up with the tools they need for success. It goes beyond math and science and reading. School is also where they learn critical thinking and develop social skills – vital components for every successful adult. However, where is the best place for such a well-rounded education? Parents have a choice between public and private school. Here are some reasons to choose the best private school in Jacksonville, FL.

Smaller class sizes

In elementary schools in Florida, it’s not uncommon to have around 20 or more students led by one teacher. The best private school in Jacksonville, FL, however, will have small class sizes, and/or enough teachers and teacher aides to ensure each child gets the attention they need. It is not enough to simply have a concept explained and then expect each child to demonstrate their understanding of it. Each student is different. Some learn by tactile methods, some are auditory, others learn by repetition. Smaller class sizes, or moderately sized classes that have more teachers and aides present, mean each child’s education is fine tuned to their individual needs, not to the overall needs of the entire group. This one-on-one attention can greatly improve the student’s understanding and retention of the concepts.

Chosen focus

One reason parents choose the best private school in Jacksonville, FL is because they want their student educated within a chosen focus. For some, this means learning within a religious framework. For others, it’s the added security of planning for college. Some parents recognize the child’s natural talents in STEM, and they want an environment that can help them hone those skills. While public education excels at teaching core courses, having access to a specific focus is, for many parents, what makes them choose the best private school in Jacksonville, FL.

Better resources

Private schools are subsidized by tuition, and those dollars are put into ensuring the optimal resources for the students. The best private school in Jacksonville, FL goes above and beyond to ensure each student is operating in an environment with hands-on exposure to technology, culture, dance, and art – all with a global worldview.

The Episcopal School of Jacksonville, FL

We aim to be the best private school in Jacksonville, FL for parents seeking Episcopal education for their child. With three campuses offering a top private school education that maintains a focus on small class sizes, technology inclusion, and a broad range of subjects to spark each student’s creativity and imagination, ESJ is the private school you’ve been seeking. Our focus on inclusion is part of our well-rounded education; each student feels welcome here and has a chance to excel while learning in the way that is best suited for them.