Timothy Award Recipients

The Timothy Award is presented annually to an Episcopal School of Jacksonville teacher who exemplifies the ideal of Christian service to students and to the community. The Timothy Award recognizes the service of the individual and the importance of a vital Christian faith in the daily life of Episcopal School of Jacksonville. The recipient of the award will receive a check for $2,000 and will also designate another $1,000 gift to go to the charity of his or her choice. Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. (1Tim 6:20a) This award is presented in loving memory of T.S. Roberts, Jr. and given by his family.

Name Year
Paul H. Pierson 1996
Patsy Koenig 1997
Theresa R. Ferlisi 1998
Dean J. Fusto 1999
Theodore (dec) S. Pina 2000
Adam J. Cheyunski 2001
Gary B. Thrift 2002
Geraldine B. Robbins 2003
Michael T. McCown 2003-04
Janet S. Buford 2004-05
Walter M. Rickey 2005-06
Heather Oulton 2006-07
Kevin M. Day 2008-09 December
Gregory M. Summers 2008-09 spring
Katherine M. Black-Bowling 2009-10
Deborah S. Deppe 2010-11
Philippa L. Marks 2011-12
Brian E. Francois 2012-13
Mary H. Solomon 2013-14
Jennifer C. Dulaney 2014-15
Michelle K. Krueger 2015-16
Annetta McCoy 2016-17
Marcus D. Wells 2017-18
Carolyn A. Tuttle 2018-19
Rebecca Lemmon 2019-20