The Guardian Award Recipients

The Guardian Award was established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dahl. Seniors are given the opportunity to write an essay about a faculty member who has been a role model for them during their years at Episcopal and has helped them understand how important these guardians are. The senior who writes the winning nomination receives a $1,500.00 college scholarship and the Guardian Award recipient also receives a $1,500 cash award.

Name Recipient
Luke D. Brunell 2019-20 student recipient
Caitlin Fitzpatrick 2019-20 faculty recipient
Jennie K. Rankin 2018-19 faculty recipient
Amaria A. Simmons 2018-19 student recipient
Sophia A. Grimsley 2017-18 student recipient
Rebecca Hoadley 2017-18 faculty recipient
Casey A. Goodwin 2016-17 student recipient
Josephine Sanchez 2016-17 faculty Recipient
Diane Bates 2015-16 faculty recipient
Celeste G. Burns 2015-16 student recipient
Mark S. Zimmerman 2014-15 faculty recipient
Celeste G. Burns 2014-15 student recipient
Emily J. Leeser 2013-14 student recipient
Nancy H. Prendergast 2013-14 faculty recipient
Elizabeth B. Daw 2012-13 student recipient
Dillon M. Woods 2012-13 student recipient
Marilyn Bryant 2012-13 faculty recipient
Erika R. Dale 2012-13 faculty recipient
Brigitte M. Wittmer 2011-12 student recipient
Megan A. Elsila 2011-12 faculty recipient
Satchel A. Siegel 2010-11 student recipient
Gary B. Thrift 2010-11 faculty recipient
Kristie A. Saoud 2009-10 student recipient
Margie Stevens 2009-10 faculty recipient
Meredith V. Adkins 2008-09 student recipent
Peter K. Hoyt 2008-09 faculty recipient
Laura T. Steel 2007-08 student recipent
Michelle K. Krueger 2007-08 faculty recipient
Deanna M. Dawkins 2006-07 student recipient
Lewis L. Ritter 2006-07 faculty recipient
Ryan P. Gallagher 2005-06 student recipient
Robert T. Harrell 2005-06 faculty recipient
Claire E. Pulignano 2004-05 student recipient
Marta M. Pauly 2004-05 faculty recipient
Alexander M. Joseph 2003-04 student recipient
Caron L. Edwards 2003-04 faculty recipient
Katherine C. Stovall 2003 student recipient
George P. Crandall 2003 faculty recipient
Mallory E. Graves 2002 student recipient
Victoria Register-Freeman 2002 faculty recipient
Lauren G. Goebertus 2001 student recipient
Emily Christofoli 2001 faculty recipient
Jennifer L. Gustetic 2000 student recipient
Paul H. Pierson 2000 faculty recipient
Lestina L. Colby 1999 faculty recipient