Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching Recipients

The Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1992. The award’s purpose is:

*To recognize and reward teachers who personify QUALITY in their teaching and in their influence on student learning.

*To recognize and reward teachers who consistently and unselfishly go ABOVE and BEYOND normal expectation of time, energy, and devotion in working with students.

*To recognize the rare ability to MOTIVATE STUDENTS to higher and higher levels of achievement.

*To recognize and reward teachers who have consistently made use of opportunities for CONTINUING EDUCATION to improve themselves professionally.

*To INSPIRE all Episcopal teachers to pursue uncompromising excellence and caring in the classroom.

To be eligible to receive the Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching, a teacher must have been a member of the faculty for three years and must be returning the following year.  At least one award each year must be awarded to a teacher whose primary focus is the Middle School. 

Past Recipients:

            2020    Lucia Allen, Megan Wickenden

            2019    Tracy Jester, Kate Wallis

            2018    David Wandel, Tara Kneale

            2017    John Dwyer, Josephine Sanchez

            2016    Kip Collins, Natalie Herford

            2015    Susan Bardin, Cathy Kanaday

            2014    Andrew Deskins, Brian Francois

            2013    Chantal Windham, Mary Helen Solomon

            2012    Bob Kirk, Danielle Waler

            2011    Gail Connery, Kevin Day

            2010    Carol Daraskevich, Tracy Walters

            2009    Sally Russo, Carolyn Wehle

            2008    Richard Chamberlain, Kate Pritchard

            2007    Aimee McCarthy, Alex Nichols

            2006    Joyce FitzRandolph, Anne Marie Van Wie

            2005    Scott Jevic, Beth Smith

            2004    Bert Harrell, Christy Hodges

            2003    Carolyn Cooper, Candy Edwards

            2002    Mimi Bryant, Judy Norman

            2001    Lynne Howard, Charlie Phillips, Lew Ritter

            2000    Marin Flint, Dean Fusto, Mike Rickey, Brenda Vermillion

            1999    Michael Brozowski, Patsy Koenig, Dan McKinnon, Lori Sackman

            1998    Kasse Eppley, Heather Oulton, Gary Thrift, William Valentine

            1997    Barbara Benham, Theresa Ferlisi, Elizabeth Kramer, George Warren

            1996    Lestina Colby, Deborah Hicks, Victoria Register-Freeman, Marta Pauly

            1995    Emily Christofoli, John Iorii, Arthur Peterson, Marion Zeiner

            1994    Marlo Drake, Nancy Prendergast, Denise Shea, Margie Stevens

            1993    Janet Buford, Sally Deming, Ted Pina, Carol Schoenberger

            1992    Helen Dallison, Victoria Register-Freeman, Bobbie Mercier, Debbie Hodge