Middlekauff Family Shares Story for Peace Chapel

Last March, Bender Middlekauff, St. Mark’s Campus graduate and son to second grade teacher Dina Middlekauff, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Within a matter of days and due to COVID-19 and the potential for cancellation of non-emergency surgeries, Bender underwent an “awake craniotomy,” performed by Dr. Eric Sauvageau, Neurosurgeon at Baptist/MD Anderson, and St. Mark’s Campus parent to Eve and Eloise Sauvageau.

This morning Mrs. Middlekauff shared her family’s story as part of the Fruit of the Spirit of Peace celebration Chapel. She explained to students that while Bender’s illness was a very scary and anxious time for her, she found peace in knowing God was by her side. Her full message is in the chapel video here.

Not included in the video is also a story Mrs. Middlekauff shared with her colleagues in the days following Bender’s surgery. She wrote in an email: “One of the first mornings that he was home from surgery, I was sleeping in the bed with him and his first words were “This is the day that the Lord has made…hymnal…St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School.” How about that proof that the seeds of faith are planted in our students’ hearts! God has shown up every step of this journey with reminders of His power and His love for us!!” 

Earlier this summer, Baptist asked if Bender would share his inspiring story. On October 15, the fifth anniversary of MD Anderson’s presence in Jacksonville, Bender’s story was released: https://endcancerjax.com/videos