22 Legacy Alumni Seniors Graduate

Episcopal graduated 22 legacy alumni on Saturday. Alumni and their graduating seniors were invited to a special breakfast Saturday morning before Commencement at the Alumni House. Photos are on Flickr.

Legacy Alumni Include:

Jack and David Barksdale '84

Stela and Brett Chepenik '90

Zoe and Charles Cobb '83

Cole Crane and Dianne Morse '77

Kirby, Paul '89, and Heidi Luebke Dent '88

Maggie and Scott Gallagher '92

Sidney Gibbs and Lanier Drew '76

Margaret and Charles Gibbs '87

Alexander and Annie Hughes Goldfield '86

Jack, Ed '80 and Meredith Wachtel Hines '90

Ward and Stephanie Athey Jarvis '91

Ben and Will Ketchum '84

Xander and Michael Magevney '87

Bond and John Magevney '89

Dougie and Doug Milne '86

Olin, Jim '80, and Heather Rainey Moseley '88

Connor and Niels Murphy '88

Henry and Fred Page '85

Curry and Curry Pajcic '87

Nick, Rob '86, and Kristan David Podvia '88

Lillie and Arnie Tritt '81

Emily and Michael Waters '80