A.P Draw, Paint, Print Senior Spotlight Interview: Grace Woodward

The AP Drawing Portfolio is an intensive course, requiring students to produce art at the college level. Students compile a portfolio of 24-29 original artworks demonstrating mastery in composition, technique, and concept. Twelve of those pieces explore a common idea, called a concentration.

Grace Woodward ’18 is known for her cheerful disposition, genuine smile and contagious laugh. She credits all her work and her happiness to the Love of God in her heart, and Christ who died for all so that we could live. This year, she is also known for her colorful and thoughtfully composed paintings. Her many works are full of “happy colors and shapes” and explore deeper meanings and memories. She is an encouragement to all, and her artwork is stunning! Be sure to come to the senior show and speak with her about her work. Grace has several paintings for you to see on the evening of April 26!

Grace, what is the central idea of your concentration?
Friendship is an amazing thing. Good friends are always there to support you and be by your side, but when you have friends through Christ the relationship is hundred times stronger. The church is a second home to me and the people in it are my second family. Being able to lean on a friend when I am struggling is the best feeling, life would be so much harder without these people in my life. Throughout my paintings I captured events with people I love, and spend time talking about the one whose love endures forever. In the background of my paintings I portray the feelings I felt in that time. Everlasting water, discipleship, and friendship are some of the themes shown in my paintings. Overall, I want my Concentration to reflect how having friends in Christ has helped me grow not only in my spiritual life but also in my personal life.

How does your work demonstrate this idea?

In the beginning of the year my concentration was just about my church family, then it grew into how they impacted my life, and now it is how friendship is so much stronger with friends who are rooted in Christ.