Lastinger Scholar: Rebecca Hoadley, Ireland

Upper School Draw, Paint, & Print Instructor Rebecca Hoadley was accepted to an Artist Residency at Cow House Studios in Wexford, Ireland for the summer. She was able to attend thanks to the Lastinger Summer Scholarship at Episcopal. Built in 1915, Cow House was converted to studio space in 2006. It has since become a place for artists and students to learn and grow.

“I hope to implement and provide more guidance to help Episcopal students realize that with practice, they can be creatively independent. Learning the language of art is tricky but exciting. With a strong foundation in drawing, and “how to see”, The visual arts open up a new perspective on creative problem solving and analytical thinking. I hope that my time in Ireland yields even more of an inquisitive approach to learning and practicing techniques. I was given many books, tips, and organizational ideas to help apply new methods of instruction to my classes. The time spent with other creatives and educators was overwhelmingly encouraging,” said Ms. Hoadley.

“It was incredible painting in the space filled with natural light, high ceilings, and thick stone walls. The setting was picturesque and the time there was refreshing. I was provided the time and space to work on my own painting practice, as well as the opportunity to explore and sketch many parts of Ireland. To quietly work on ideas that have been in my head for years, and then discuss them with other working artists and educators was a treasure. I was humbled and encouraged to have the opportunity to work with such highly trained practicing artists who are also committed to working with young people. Directors Frank Abruzzese and Rosie O’Gorman are the primary teachers. I still can hardly believe I was able to work with them! Participating in the Cow House Artist Residency has provided fresh enthusiasm, additional guidance, varied perspectives and approaches to the creative processes I love so much. I am eager to see how this affects my students in the years to come,” she shared about her experience.

Hoadley worked with the following artists:
John C Kelley
Tracey Goodman
Rosie O’Gorman
Frank Abruzzese
Sarah Barsness

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